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Song Day Enterprises Co.,Ltd. was established in 1973. We supply rubber raw materials, and manage rubber-related business. We’ve been providing our customers with products and services of excellent quality.We rooted in Taiwan, and stretch out to the world. Our branches and customer service centers can be found around China and overseas. In addition, we also invest in fabrication of rubber-related products in China. 

Keeping customer service first and foremost in mind, we make every customer feel respected and welcomed. Also, our service with sustainable operations management is highly reliable; therefore we share great reputation among our customers.

Song Day Enterprises Co.,Ltd. can be your best business partner. We have been cooperating with many established companies in Asia for a long time; we are experienced in product application and in professional consultation. Diversification is our next step. By straddling to other businesses and operations, as well as polishing the quality of our products, we are making every effort to grow into a better company to meet every customers’ needs.

Our service

International Trade:

We provide quoted price for raw material futures and import-export service. 

Manufacture and Retail:

We supply natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other materials. Our Rubber sole crepe comes in all sizes that can meet every requirement.

Labor Policy Statement

In order to protect the basic human rights of all colleagues, customers and stakeholders, this labor policy declaration is formulated so that the entire company can follow the principles of relevant labor human rights and working conditions.

The policy contents are described below.

The general manager promises to ensure that the rights and obligations stipulated in national laws are complied with when it comes to labor rights, while achieving the required goals, and makes the following commitments:

  • Prohibit child labor and ensure that the age of workers cannot be lower than the legal minimum age.

  • Eliminate all forms of forced or compulsory labor.

  • Eliminate hiring and employment discrimination and ensure that workers enjoy fair employment opportunities and fair treatment

  • Ensure that workers have the right to participate in organizing trade unions, choose their own representatives and negotiate collectively with their employers in accordance with the law.

  • Ensure workers’ safety and health are not compromised.

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